Monday, 23 July 2012

Custom Wedding Shoes

My newest project:
hand painted, customized wedding shoes

I'm painting them on behalf of Pixel Shoes shop which can be found at 99 Main Road, Walmer. (For those of you who actually live in Port Elizabeth)
So get in contact with the shop if you'd like to order your own.

I say "wedding shoes" but how often do you get to wear wedding shoes?
I think they would be cool for birthdays and special events such as anniversaries too.
And they're completely customized to suit you:)

PS: for those who have seen Friggie Shoes, I know this is their design, I only used it because I wasn't sure if the shoes would work out. This is just a sample shoe. And I won't be selling exact replicas of their designs.


  1. Here post a wonderful bridal shoes. That's look amazing to wear on your wedding day.

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